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almost 9 years ago

Expo Details

Few things before the Expo:

1. Submit your hacks to ChallengePost by 1:30pm and remember to tag if you’re hardware or want to win any specific prizes.

2. Deploy: We want to encourage teams to deploy hacks if possible. If you want help deploying, we'll have engineers in the office hours area who you can grab to help you deploy in record time. If you have a hardware hack or mobile app, we encourage you to make a short 1-minute video to share with people who can't be at the Expo.

 3. Product Hunt: If you'd like your project featured on Product Hunt, please submit your information to this Wufoo form by 2pm. We'll have our very own YC Hacks leaderboard, promoting your project. It’ll be a fun way to get more exposure and talk about what you've built.

4. Practice demos with YC alum at the office hours area starting at noon. 

5. Expo: If you’re in the main hacking room in 335, be prepared to mobilize for the expo at 1:30pm. We'll send a google doc around by 2pm with your team name and which table you should be at. 

1 person from each team should team demo. We want the rest of your team to check out other hacks. Rotate who is demoing  so you can stay fresh/high energy. Have the first person on your team in the main room at 335 and ready to demo (with devices charged) by 2pm.