Searchable replay of computer actions


The Inspiration:

While developing and designing, we work across many different active windows, tabs, and programs. After stepping away to get a sandwich, it's easy to have the familiar feeling of "What was I just doing?" We felt there was a compelling need for instant replays to jog your short-term memory. Savant helps get users back into the flow after an interruption. It is definitely no fun feeling lost. Knowing your way around your own workflow would give you the confidence to stay on a winning trajectory.

Target user:

Since we're programmers, programmers were the initial target audience. Our work requires relatively deep concentration, but we're also very easily distracted by reddit, so anything that helps us get back in the flow is welcome. But we think anyone who uses a computer to work will find this useful. “Productivity” is a huge market. Microsoft office had 2.5 bil in online revenue ( 28 billion spent in phone productivity apps. (VisionMobile study). We are more relevant than productivity phone apps, because most people do their heavy-work on laptops and desktops. Visual-learners will greatly benefit from this method of organization.

Key Features We Are Most Proud Of:

Our favorite feature is the ability to get replays filtered by primary window. So if you used xcode, then spent 30 minutes on chrome, our app lets you get a replay of the last actions take on xcode.

Another cool feature is the search option. By taking screenshot, we can actually use OCR to make the screenshots searchable by the words that appear on the screen. This can help you remember further back, and can be built upon in the future to perform analytics of user's actions.

Last one is only saving diffs in between pictures to save space. Originally the hard drive requirements were enormous before we did that, but after that change, Savant can be run in the background pretty much non stop.

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